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Photo of creator Jordan sipping a drink at a restaurant. She wears a blue and white shirt with blonde hair and bangs. There is a plant next to her and a plate with napkin in front of her.

Welcome to Lifetime Tidbits!

Leveraging my 10 years in finance to leave my career and travel the world.
Welcome to my adult gap year!

Hello! I'm Jordan, creator of Lifetime Tidbits. I want to help you stretch your funds to travel longer and better. I'm sharing my journey of this adult gap year, including how I've financed my travels. Follow along for my travel tips, a new book to read and ways to manage your own finances.

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During college, I studied abroad in London and Beijing. After university, I moved to China for years working in education and finance. Those years with almost eight weeks of annual vacation really whet my appetite for the more remote places in the world, learning about new cultures, customs and languages.  Now in my 30s, I have left my career to take what I'm calling - MY ADULT GAP YEAR! Lifetime Tidbits contains travel tips from over the years, including steps to demystify foreign travel (especially for those newbie travelers) and ways to make your money go further to enhance your travel experience. Follow along my travel journey and welcome to my site!


Over the last 10 years, I realized so many of my friends have the same questions about their finances.  To the detriment of our society, Americans never learn in our general education classes how to balance a budget, what's "good debt," how to select the best credit card, ways to save money and how to build an investment portfolio to reach our financial goals. After the same questions over and over, I wanted to share the knowledge from my job, university classes, CFA curriculum and stockbroker exams.  My goal on Lifetime Tidbits is to break it down into normal talk and hopefully shed some light on some of these lesser-known topics.  


I love to read. Especially when I travel, I love to wander into a local bookstore for different novels. I also try to find a local writer or a book about my locale when I'm in the country to see a different perspective. Sometimes I read a book just for fun, but these book recommendations are meant to have a little more depth, a little more "umph" and hopefully shed some light on a different part of the world, a new culture or an historical event that may go forgotten. Lifetime Tidbits posts also include a discussion guide for each book in order to dive in with your book club. Hope you enjoy these books as much as I do!


I love to try new foods. Someone once called me a foodie, but I always thought a foodie was someone who only eats "refined foods" like escargot and pâté.  I don't know if that's true, but I am more likely to eat in a hole-in-the-wall over a Michelin star restaurant. If the food is good, I'm there! When I travel, the biggest travesty for me is to waste a limited meal on a crapshoot. We only have a small amount of places to try while on a week's vacation and I don't know about you, but I don't want to waste them at a Burger King. On Lifetime Tidbits I share my favorite restaurants and cheap eats as I travel to hopefully save you a bad meal. Savor each meal!

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