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My name is Jordan

For years, I've worked in finance and traveled the globe.

Now, it's time for me to give some of that knowledge back!


During college, I studied abroad in London and Beijing. After university, I got to move to China to four years... working in education and finance while living in Shenzhen and Shanghai. Those years with almost eight weeks of annual vacation really whet my appetite for the more remote places in the world, learning about new cultures and, of course, trying every cuisine I encountered. I want to impart some (hard learned) travel tips from over the years, including steps to demystify foreign travel (especially for those newbie travelers) and ways to make your money go further to enhance your travel experience!


Over the last 10 years, I realized so many of my friends have the same questions about their finances.  To the detriment of our society, Americans never learn in our general education classes how to balance a budget, what's "good debt," how to select the best credit card, ways to save money and how to build an investment portfolio to reach our financial goals. After the same questions over and over, I wanted to share the knowledge from my job, university classes, CFA curriculum and stockbroker exams.  My goal is to break it down into normal talk and hopefully shed some light on some of these lesser-known topics.  


Well, I'm not dead yet. But, I feel like I have lots of advice to give (doesn't everybody?!). This blog will be filled with restaurant favs, book recommendations, lifestyle tips and whatever else strikes my fancy. As I attempt to hone the site for the most "exciting" information, a lot will get thrown on the wall... kinda like pasta!

Gotta see what sticks to know it's done! 

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