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Best Restaurants in Puerto Escondido

If you’re in the beachside town of Puerto Escondido, you will find a lowkey vibe, cold beer and a vibrant food scene. I was surprised by the various types of food (Thai, Korean, American, Peruvian) on offer. There are many different restaurants catering to different tastes and budgets.  Check out my favorite eats around La Punta in Puerto Escondido.

a picture of tostadas with chicken tinga and avocado overlayed with the title "the best restaurants in puerto escondido"

Morris Café

This spot in La Punta is just off the beach, tucked upstairs. They offer great breakfast and lunch options, especially their smoothie bowls and egg dishes. I really enjoyed the cold water served and welcoming staff. Prices are average for the area and the food is served fast and fresh. Free Wifi and they take credit cards.

Dulce Tierra

This bakery has a spot near Playa Carrizalillo and another in La Punta off Playa Zicatela. They offer an array of freshly baked goods, including cupcakes, scones, cookies and breads. They also have a wide range of breakfast items and sandwiches. I order a smoothie bowl, that you can customize with 3 toppings. The staff is friendly, though English may be limited. Free Wifi and they take credit cards.


Chicama Peruvian

If you are looking for a change of pace from all the tacos, come to Chicama for wonderfully fresh Peruvian dishes. I loved the vibe for dinner. The bartenders make a wonderful mezcalita and the staff is friendly and bilingual. We enjoyed the shrimp ceviche and grilled shrimp dishes. The food came out extremely quickly, so come hungry! Credit cards accepted.



Are you looking for some cheap local food? Nativo has open-aired tables with fresh food. I went twice during my 4 days in Puerto Escondido. Order the tostadas --- any meat, but the tinga is nice and juicy --- and you won’t be disappointed. They offer tlayudas, tortas, tacos, tostadas and some snacks. The two ladies who run the place can cook up a storm and the spicy crema they serve with dishes is amazing! But be prepared, it’s spicy! They say they take credit cards, but the machine wasn’t working when I was there, so just in case, bring cash.


The Fish Shack

I think the highlight of my Mexican lunches in Puerto Escondido was the Fish Shack. This place is recommended by all and after eating here, I quickly concur. But note: these tacos are American-style tacos, meaning they are quite large and one or two will quickly fill you up. I ordered the grilled fish taco and coconut shrimp taco. They were cooked to order and massive amounts of fresh fish and fried shrimp, along with a chipotle cabbage slaw and fresh limes. They offer veggie baskets and seafood baskets as well, but I think the tacos are the universal crowd pleaser. They also have frozen margaritas for when you need a refreshing drink in the heat. Credit cards are only allowed for orders over 300 pesos.


These recommendations provide a mix of local flavors, international cuisine and brunch options that highlight the best of what Puerto Escondido has to offer.

If you are wondering about transportation in Puerto Escondido, check out my post on using a colectivo in Puerto Escondido and more!


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