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Best Restaurants in Montevideo

Traveling to Montevideo? Looking for places to eat in Montevideo? Look no further. Here are my top 5 restaurants in Montevideo, as well as a bonus top restaurant in Colonia del Sacramento. While most people will inevitably stop at a parrilla at Mercado del Puerto, this list includes another, more local market for you to explore. A local tour guide told me the average Uruguayan eats 99 kgs of beef/year! With more cows and sheep than humans, asado is king. Don’t worry, there are plenty of places with other foods, including fish and vegetarian options. Bon Appetit!


This cute coffee shop was once a pharmacy. The original shelves and details are still intact. You can order a number of coffees, fresh pastries and a limited breakfast menu of fluffy eggs, avocado toast or the like. Credit cards accepted. It’s a wonderful stop for breakfast near the Old Town.

If you are trying to save some pesos, look no further than Fresh Market! Like the U.S. brand, this one is co-labeled with Disco, so search Disco Fresh Market to see locations around the city. There is a small shop across the street from the Old Town Gate (Puerta de la Ciudadela) and Independence Plaza. They offer simple sandwiches, precooked meals, fresh fruits, and pastries for reasonable prices. I lived off the sandwiches for 140 UYU.


Located on Avenida 18 de Julio, this traditional corner bar has all-day service with some of the best chivitos and milanesas. Stop by for a coffee or beer or enjoy lunch or dinner. They offer an English menu and credit cards are accepted.


If you’re looking for a local alternative to Mercado del Puerto, head to Mercado Ferrando. This spot has a dozen different food stalls – local Uruguayan food, tacos, burgers, parrilla, pizza, sandwiches, ice cream, etc. They have a wonderful back patio if the weather permits, along with a spice store and bookstore.


In a country known for its tannat wines, it’s hard to find many breweries. Montevideo has 3-4 local beer halls, but check out their namesake, Montevideo Beer Company. They offer a dozen beers on draft, as well as pizzas and sandwiches if you’re hungry. They have two locations: Punta Carretas and OMBU. With their laid-back vibe, it’s perfect for a casual night out. Another local brewery is Brown Bear (Oso Pardo).


Bonus Restaurant

If you are visiting Colonia del Sacramento, be sure to stop at Charco Bistro. On the waterfront, Charco offers delicious fish, poke bowls and desserts. It’s certainly a splurge. I shared a bottle of wine with friends and had a fish dish and spent US$36, but credit cards are accepted. The food was excellent and service impeccable. English spoken.

Pro Tips: When traveling in Uruguay, remember that international credit cards receive a refund on VAT (18-20%), so, if possible, use your credit cards for purchases to save. Also, at sit down restaurants, it is common to tip 10% (especially for foreigners) if the service is good.

Hope you enjoy some amazing eats while in Montevideo. These are wonderful restaurants in Uruguay.


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