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Book Rec: Gentle and Lowly by Dane Ortlund

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“It is the most counterintuitive aspect of Christianity, that we are declared right with God not once we begin to get our act together but once we collapse into honest acknowledgment that we never will.”

Gentle and Lowly Summary


Title of the Book overlaying a full pasture with lots of white and black sheep

Gentle and Lowly: The Heart of Christ for Sinners and Sufferers looks at an often neglected, yet central truth – Jesus’s deep love for His messy, sinful people. I was struck by an analogy Dane used: He and his 2-year-old son walk toward the ocean’s edge. The son is excited about diving into the deep water, yet when the waves actually come, so does his fear. He grabs onto his father’s hand. But a 2-year-old doesn’t have the strength to hold on. Yet, his father never lets go. His father has him safe in his arms, though the wind and the waves toss him about. How sweet to be reminded of His firm grasp on us!


Christians know that God loves them, but often think that he is perpetually disappointed and frustrated, maybe even close to giving up on them. As a result, they focus a lot on what Jesus has done to appease God's wrath for sin. But how does Jesus Christ actually feel about his people amid all their sins and failures? This book draws us to Matthew 11, where Jesus describes himself as "gentle and lowly in heart," longing for his people to find rest in him. The gospel is primarily about God's heart drawn to his people, a heart of tender love for the sinful and suffering. These chapters take readers into the depths of Christ's very heart for sinners, diving deep into Bible passages that speak of who Christ is and encouraging readers with the affections of Christ for his people. His longing heart for sinners will comfort and sustain readers in their up-and-down lives.


Discussion Guide

  1. Jesus will give us rest. It’s not transactional. There is no payment received. It’s a gift. Have you struggled with this knowledge? Do you continually labor to receive this free gift from Jesus?

  2. “Christ was sent not to mend wounded people or wake sleepy people or advise confused people or inspire bored people or spur on lazy people or educate ignorant people, but to raise dead people.” How does this knowledge bring you rest? Does it evoke other emotions?

  3. “What comes into our minds when we think about God is the most important thing about us.” After reading this book, what comes to mind about God?

  4. At the end of this book, Dane encourages us all to live into the joy of this book; to rest in the love of Jesus, not just pass it on. Can you do that?

If you enjoyed Gentle and Lowly book, learn more about what’s waiting for us on the other side in Imagine Heaven.

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