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Hostel Packing List

Updated: Apr 25

You’ve already read my top 10 things to consider when booking a hostel and have secured your accommodation. But what now? Here are my top 5 things to bring to your next hostel, as well as a pro tip to remember. Don’t forget to pack the below!

1. Towel


Some hostels provide towels free of charge. Others offer them for a nominal fee upon arrival. Still others don’t offer them at all, so I make sure to always have my travel towel with me. This one from Amazon has been a lifesaver, as blanket on the train, a picnic table on the grass and a beach towel – not to mention a shower towel when in need.

2. Combination Locks

I keep two combination locks in my backpack. Sometimes hostels offer two lockers: a smaller one under your bed and a larger one for your larger suitcase. Other times, I have needed to lock my bag separately, and it’s good to always have one on hand. Some hostels offer them for purchase, but I would say to just carry one around with you. It doesn’t take up too much space and doesn’t add considerably to your weight.

3. Shower Shoes

No matter how many 5-star reviews you find, you may arrive and see a less than pristine bathroom. Sometimes it’s simply between cleaning times, and other times it’s just lack of attention, constant use or age. I always bring shower shoes to wear in the bathroom. I actually find that individual room bathrooms are cleaned less frequently than those that are shared on a floor. You’ll want shower shoes to go between your bed to the showers, run downstairs for a coffee or just have a change of shoes for easy use.

4. Universal Converter

blue converter

I think it goes without saying, but international budget accommodation is often behind the technological times of the world. Make sure you carry a universal adapter for all your electronics. Most bunks will have a plug, but it will likely not have a USB or USB-C plug, so an adapter is necessary.

5. Headphones

I haven’t had much need of these (thank goodness), but in a communal space, especially a co-ed situation, you will want to carry headphones or earplugs. I’ve been lucky enough to not encounter a loud snorer, but in larger rooms people are always coming and going – coming in late from a night out or leaving early for a flight/train. If you are a lighter sleeper, I would definitely recommend earplugs. I usually combat these issues with a noise app on my phone. It's quiet enough for only my bunk to hear (I hope) but loud enough to keep me asleep.

Pro Tip: Be a Considerate Guest

When staying in a group room, remember it is NOT your room. Phone calls should be made out in the common areas, even during the day as you have no idea who may be asleep in the room (especially with privacy curtains). Entertainment or music should only be played with your headphones. While the bathroom is used by all, remember that your personal hygiene is not the hostel’s responsibility. I saw a guy shave and then leave all of his trimmings in the sink. YUCK! When a hostel bathroom only gets cleaned 1-2x/day, that is not their responsibility. It’s important to keep the place like you have roommates and not a maid.

Hope this hostel packing list helps make your next trip a success!


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