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How to Get an Uber from Cairo Airport

Updated: Dec 8, 2023

One of the main perks of Cairo (that you can’t get anywhere else in Egypt) is the ability to call an Uber. However, if you have gotten into the international terminal at 2 am, you quickly realized that it’s not as easy as it seems at CAI Airport to get to your Uber. In fact, other bloggers even say you can’t get an Uber from the airport. However, that’s not true! If you are flying into the domestic terminal, fear not, you can exit into their main parking lot and an Uber can easily pick you up.

an airport sitting on the tarmac at cairo airport

Can you take an Uber from the Cairo airport international terminal?

Short answer, yes! If you are coming into the international terminal, there are many people who will tell you you can’t get an Uber. I even had a friend trying to get down to a bottom floor parking lot and was barred by some men standing around telling her “no Uber here.” It can be a little frustrating and maybe you'll choose to just bite the bullet and pay for a private car service. But if you want to take an Uber, I’d try it my way!

We walked from the international terminal to the Le Meridian hotel – it’s connected to the terminal, just follow the signs to their elevator. If you exit through their lobby, you can wait for an Uber at their main entrance. When you select an Uber pick up location, select terminal 3. After the driver has been selected, send them a message and tell them you are at the Le Meridian entrance. Depending on the time of day and destination, a ride should be 150-450 EGP, which is significantly cheaper than a private shuttle.

Taking an Uber back to the airport is easy as pie. You can call an Uber from anywhere else in the city, though we have come across cancelled rides occasionally and waiting for an additional driver.

Egyptian Cultural Note

Egyptians operate on a cash society, so while Uber allows for credit card tipping, I would encourage you to give your driver a cash tip (usually 5-10 EGP). They don’t get paid out frequently and often need a little cash to fill up their fuel tanks before heading home.


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