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Must Try Food in Hanoi, Vietnam

Updated: May 9

Are you traveling to Vietnam and looking for the best food in Hanoi? Are you a little weary of street food and want to stick to restaurants? Look no further. While I was in Hanoi, I had a cash problem. Meaning I couldn’t withdraw funds from my debit card (long story, not related to Vietnam’s banking system), but that meant I needed to find places that took credit cards as well, so rest easy – these 5 must try restaurants in Hanoi offer some famous Vietnamese dishes and leave you wanting more!


best eats in hanoi with four different dishes on display


Open 7 days a week for lunch and dinner, Hoangs offers a set menu or ala cart. They even have cooking classes if you would like to learn more about Vietnamese dishes. Be sure to check out there in-house specialties like the Hanoi Fried Fish and stir fries with lemongrass. Located in the old quarter, Hoangs even offers a vegan menu.


Tung’s Kitchen

Hoang Tung’s other restaurant, Tung’s Kitchen offers more of the tasty must try foods in Hanoi, including the Beef/Pork rolled in Betel Leaf and the Banana Flower Salad (trust me! try it).  Open 7 days a week from 10 am to 10 pm, this restaurant also offers cooking classes. They offer vegetarian and gluten-free dishes as well.


Met Vietnamese

There are actually three different restaurants named Met Vietnamese in the Hanoi Old Quarter, two of which are around the corner from each other. I stopped in Met Vietnamese #2 one day for lunch and was pleasantly surprised by the fresh, bold flavors. The eggplant dish and bun cha (Hanoi Traditional Grilled Pork) were excellent. The service is very attentive. Credit cards accepted and vegetarian options offered.


Hong Hoai

I found this little spot after searching on Trip Advisor and was not disappointed. The Hong Hoai staff speaks good English and offers amazing recommendations. They offer vegan and gluten-free options. The fried shrimp and green papaya salad were excellent. Sit upstairs for a little more ambience.


Little Hanoi

Don’t let the outside fool you, this spot is more than just a local hang out for beers. Little Hanoi offers cooking classes, as well as tasty Vietnamese food in the heart of the Old Quarter. They seem to get a strong flow of tourist groups, but don’t let that put you off. I really enjoyed the eggplant (I’m a sucker for Asian eggplant dishes) and the stir fried beef. If you sit on the street, it’s a great spot to people watch!


These must try foods and restaurants in Hanoi will leave you wanting more. Bun cha, beef in betel leaf, banana flower salad, Hanoi fried fish and the classic stir fries and fresh spring rolls won’t disappoint. If you are interested in a cooking class, coconut coffee insights or just a foodie tour, check out these tours when in Hanoi!

Also, I compiled a great itinerary for your time in Hanoi so you can quickly decide how many days you need in Hanoi! You can learn about day trips, which activities in the city are worth it and all the info for the Train Street!


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