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Top Spanish Schools in Medellin Colombia

If you are looking to study Spanish during your travels, you will quickly realize that most people recommend Colombia and Guatemala. More specifically, they recommend Medellin and Antigua. Medellin is known for having a cleaner accent than other parts of Colombia, making it a good place to dip your toe into the language. I decided to study for 9 weeks in the city and tried three different language schools. Check out my reviews of 3 Spanish schools in Medellin Colombia before you decide to sign up.

large group of students outside Blink Spanish School

A backpacker’s paradise, this school in Manila (near the Poblado metro) offers an all-inclusive package with food and accommodation. Classes start every Monday, with 4-hour group classes in the mornings. They offer several different types of class packages, including private lessons and master classes covering certain grammatical topics. It’s owned by an American and, as such, the curriculum is written for English speakers. I tried other schools but kept coming back to this one for the caliber of teachers and curriculum taught. I had some wonderful teachers but want to give an extra special shoutout to Dalia and Daniel G. Dalia was so great I requested her for 3 straight weeks! She does a great job of breaking down different grammatical rules, providing practical exercises and encouraging students to just make mistakes in the language, which really helps get you talking! Daniel G was the absolute biggest help when I was struggling with subjunctive (hello my fellow Germanic language natives... how hard is this?)! He helped explain the rules and allowed me to practice formulaically (which I needed). If you get the chance to study with either teacher, you won't be sorry!

I think Blink Spanish School is well rounded and provides weekly activities for those looking to socialize outside of class. For weekly group classes I paid $165, but you can include 2 meals each day and hostel accommodation for as little as $65/week.


Located in the heart of Poblado, this school has been ranked by National Geographic as the No. 1 Spanish school in Medellin. They offer schools in Medellin and Cali. They utilize a unique training method – no books! In an effort to reduce paper waste, the school doesn’t use materials, though they can be printed upon request. I struggled with this method as I am a visual learner. My teacher emphasized conversational Spanish, however there was little practice in writing, reading or listening. They offer private and group classes, both starting each Monday. Group classes start at $150/week.


Located in Laureles, this boutique school specializes in private or small group classes. They offer online classes that can be done remotely. If you aren’t interested in 4+ hours of classes each day, this school may be a better fit for you. They offer small group classes for 2 hours/day for very reasonable prices ($60/week).


I have heard good reviews of Centro Catalina Spanish School as well but didn’t sign up with them due to higher prices (still <$200/week).


Whether you’re a beginner eager to learn the basics or an intermediate speaker striving for fluency, these schools offer a gateway to the language and culture. Embrace the Colombian spirit as you learn a new language.


While you are in Medellin, enjoy some of the best restaurants listed in this post. My favorite day trip from Medellin is to Guatape --- this tour is a great full day excursion with a boat ride, breakfast and lunch included.


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