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Book Rec: The Family Game by Catherine Steadman

Updated: Apr 9

“It's only natural to forget when remembering hurts so much.”

book jacket with title and author in pink with a big house in the background


1. Listen carefully

2. Do your research

3. Trust no one

4. Run for your life

Harriet Reed, a novelist on the brink of literary stardom, is newly engaged to Edward Holbeck, the heir of an extremely powerful family. And even though Edward has long tried to severe ties with them, news of the couple’s upcoming marital bliss has the Holbecks inching back into their lives.

As Harriet is drawn into their lavish world, the family seems perfectly welcoming. So when Edward’s father, Robert, hands Harriet a tape of a book he’s been working on, she is desperate to listen.

But as she presses play, it’s clear that this isn’t just a novel. It’s a confession.

A confession to a grisly crime. A murder. And, suddenly, the game is in motion.

Feeling isolated and confused, Harriet must work out if this is part of a plan to test her loyalty or something far darker. What is it that Robert sees in her? Why give her the power to destroy everything?

This might be a game to the Holbeck family—but losing could still prove deadly.

READY OR NOT, HERE THEY COME . . . The Family Game kept me guessing until the end.

Discussion Guide (spoilers ahead)

  1. What did you think of Edward? In the beginning? By the end?

  2. Why do you think Robert couldn’t stop his own son?

  3. How did your opinion of Harry change as the layers of her past unfolded?

  4. Did you guess who the real killer was?

  5. What did you think of the dark family games like Krampus and the Christmas scavenger hunt?

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Nov 03, 2023
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