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Visit Munich in 2 Days

Wondering what to do in Munich for just a weekend? There is plenty to fill your time, even if you are just in Munich for 2 days. Firstly, Beer. Beer. Beer. But if you aren’t a beer drinker, there are plenty other things to keep you busy in this unique city in Germany. Also check out my favorite restaurants and outdoor food markets in Munich, as well as the local dishes you must try on your next visit!

picture of a church in Munich

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Beer Beer Beer

München is home to the big 6 breweries: Hofbräuhaus, Augustiner, Paulaner, Lӧwenbräu, Spaten, Häcker-Pschorr. You can visit all of them, but I recommend at least these two if you are a first-time visitor to Munich.

Hofbräuhaus – this is one of the original brewhouses, and definitely the most famous in Munich. Be sure to visit their iconic beer hall near the Old Town and Marienplatz. Enjoy the live music and ambience. Regulars even have their own lockers/storage boxes to keep their favorite beer steins.

Augustiner – one of the 6 brewhouses in Munich that are allowed to sell beers at Oktoberfest, this one, right across the street from Hofbräuhaus, is worth a try. I prefer their wheat beer, but the locals all like the hells best.

Bier Oktoberfest Museum – a local’s favorite. Go to a 14th century Munich home turned beer museum and restaurant to see how beer has impacted the town of Munich. Explore how the monks made beer fit for the king, how Oktoberfest has grown and the purity laws making Bavarian beer world renowned. The top 3 floors are the museum, and the bottom is a wonderful restaurant offering flights of their locally brewed beer. It’s one of the few places in Munich you can get a taste of beer for less than 0.5L, so if you aren’t a beer drinker or simply want to try more than one, this is your place. Tickets to the museum costs €4 pp.

Other Activities in Munich

view of Nymphenburg Palace with 2 geese

Nymphenburg Palace- take Tram 16 or 17 out to the palace. You can pay the nominal entry fee to see the palace and smaller castle (read homes) on the property, or simply bring a picnic and enjoy the grounds. The lake reminds me of the Elizabethan era “Pride & Prejudice” so enjoy feeding the ducks and fantasizing about another time. Entry to the gardens is free, but the palace entry tickets are €8.

Walking Tour – definitely take a walking tour with GuruWalk. Our guide was fabulous! He also recommended Radius Tours if you are interested in a beer tour in the city. Most tours will cover the Old Town, including Marienplatz. If you don't do a walking tour, be sure to check out this famous square and the Rathaus-Glockenspiel clock tower. Every day at 11 am and 12 pm the clock performs scenes from Munich's history. Walking tours are tips only (usually €10 pp).

Englischer Garten – This huge city park is twice the size of Central Park in NYC, but that’s not the cool part – head to the Eisbach Wave and watch city surfing. This man-made wave in the ice-cold river is unlike anything I’ve ever seen. These surfers have to jump onto their boards from the concrete side and ride the wave back and forth. Wetsuits required even in August! Free entry.

Restaurants in Munich

There are so many different dining options while in Germany, but I'm always on the hunt for Chinese food. These are my top 3 favorite eats during my time Munich.

mamma bao noodles with beef and tomato egg

Mamma Bao – Chinese fusion hand pulled noodle dishes with large baozi. Always a line outside, but it moves quickly and definitely worth the wait.

Steinhall 16 – this little tavern is wonderful for local dishes in a slightly upscale environment (compared to a beer hall)

Viktualienmarkt – this outdoor food hall offers more than 400 stalls with souvenirs, food and beer alike. You can easily try many local dishes. I'd recommend a little progressive lunch with different foods from different vendors. Enjoy!

Types of Food to Eat in Munich

When in Munich, make sure you try some of the local dishes, including:

Apfelstrüdel – apple strudel, usually served with vanilla ice cream and homemade whipped cream

Weiner Schnitzel – Viennese style veal, breaded and fried

Leberkäse – Bavarian meatloaf

Schweinshaxe – pork knuckle (usually served with a potato dumpling)

Sausages --- bratwurst or weisswürst (traditional white sausages) are served with sweet mustard or sauerkraut

Enjoy your 2 days in Munich! As you can see, there are many things to do in the city. I loved watching the surfers and just relaxing in the gardens at Nymphenburg Palace. The beer gardens are plenty and live music at the beer halls is definitely a must! Munich has so many local dishes to keep you full!


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Oct 04, 2023
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Oct 04, 2023
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Need second trip to see what I missed. Thanks Jordan

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