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What to Eat in Lisbon

Updated: Feb 28

If you’re in the Portuguese capital, you know your options are endless. Here are my top picks for what to eat in Lisbon. Be sure to also check my 3-day itinerary for Lisbon.

1. Pastel de Nata

If you don’t want to schlep all the way out to Belem for the original Pastéis de Belém, you have a wide selection of competitors in the city center. However, my favorite is found at Nata de Lisboa. A warm egg custard with fresh cinnamon sprinkled on top is the perfect treat to combat all those hills.

2. Lisbon Tu e Eu (R. da Adiça 58)

Nestled in the Alfama district, this local gem is filled with wonderful dishes and limited tables. Open only for lunch and only cash, it often has a wait. Come early and be sure to order their bacalhau a bras, garlic shrimp and fried cod patties. It’s a great way to enjoy traditional Portuguese dishes. Don’t forget to sign your name on their wall before you leave!

3. Time Out Market

Lisbon was one of the first TimeOut Market locations with curated stalls from local vendors. Downstairs features local fruits and vegetables, with the upstairs section a blend of new eateries, fresh products and favorite treats. Grab a drink or a local dish at this famous food market. Pop down at a communal table with free Wi-Fi from 10 am to close. The market offers 26 different restaurants, with 8 additional bars making it a great place to find local eats from Lisbon.

4. GamBar (Cais do Sodre)

Hidden off Pink Street, this little spot serves some amazing seafood. Specializing in shrimp and octopus, each dish was served with a flair. Be sure to try one of the GamBar shrimp starters and as many others that you can. We loved sharing dishes, and the staff does a great job with recommendations of what to eat while in Lisbon.

5. Ginjinha do Alice

Stop by sweet Alice’s doorstep for a chocolate cup filled with her homemade ginjinha. For €1 you can choose between dark chocolate, white chocolate or just a plastic shot glass. Her homemade sour cherry liquor is extra sweet and goes down smooth. Just remember to sip it. Don’t skull it down.

Have you tried ginjinha or a pastel de nata?

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