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Best Places to Eat in Lima, Peru on any Budget

Updated: Apr 25

If you are traveling to Peru’s capital, you likely already know that Lima is well-known for its amazing food! The city boasts some of the best restaurants in the world, and locals and tourists alike tout Peruvian food as some of the best in South America. If you are in Lima, check out these best places to eat for any budget.

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Low Cost, Budget Friendly Places to Eat in Lima


While fast food is plentiful, there are many low-budget places to explore without ever walking into a McDonalds. Check out these 4 low-budget places to eat in Lima:


La Lucha Sangucheria Criolla

No trip to Lima is complete without a sandwich “con promoción” from La Lucha Sangucheria. For an extra few soles, you can add a cold glass of chicha and huayro fries to any sandwich. They have several locations throughout Lima, offering a variety of options, including fresh juices and coffees. You can enjoy a big meal for about $5!



outsie manolo holding a pack of churros with sugar

Found in Miraflores just south of the Kennedy Park is the famous Manolo – known for their Peruvian churros and coffee. Stop by for breakfast or an afternoon snack that will leave you satisfied for many hours. A stack of plain churros with sugar will cost you less than 8 soles or you can try one of the stuffed churros with dulce de leche or other fillings. They offer food for lunch as well, but the prices aren’t as budget-friendly (nor the entrees as enticing as the sweets).


Siete Sopas (7 Soups)

outside of siete sopas in miraflores

A casual chain, 7 Soups offers just that… a different soup for each day of the week! There are a few locations throughout Lima, but two gathered in the Miraflores area. The restaurant also offers other dishes, such as pastas and seafood if a hot soup is not your cup of tea 😊While each day has a rotating soup, Siete Sopas always offers Caldo de Gallina, the traditional hen soup with plantain balls – Peru’s version of a Chicken Noodle soup.


Street Stall Picarones

If you have never had a picaron, you are in for a treat. It’s like a fried donut but made with sweet potatoes and squash. If I didn’t tell you there were veggies in it, you would never know! They are usually served 5-7 in a dish with a warm, almost maple syrup drizzled over them. You will likely find them in various high-traffic areas around town, but Mary’s Picarones stall in Kennedy Parque is very good! For 7-10 soles, enjoy this sweet treat that comes from the Spanish conquistadors. And bonus: You can kid yourself that they count as a veggie source for the day… hey, you’re on vacation!


Moderate, Mid-range Places to Eat in Lima


While everyone’s definition of moderately priced varies, these places offer great value for a reasonable cost. Check out these amazing restaurants for a great meal in Lima on a moderate budget.


Punto Azul

I loved this place so much; I ate here twice during my stay! I would argue Punto Azul has some of the best ceviche (if not the BEST) in all of Lima. If lime-cooked seafood isn’t for you, be sure to try the fish wontons and fried seafood platters. Also, the pisco sours and frozen lemonades are quite refreshing in the coastal heat. They have many locations in Lima, but the San Martin restaurant in Miraflores is wonderful with attentive service and a great atmosphere. Price point: ~$20 per person


Yume Sushi

While I must admit the atmosphere is lacking, a local friend recommended this place as one of the best for sushi in city. I’m sure a quick search will reveal dozens of sushi places in Peru, but as a Peruvian said herself, “we mostly just go to those all-you-can-eat sushi chains.” If you don’t want one of those but want to try the unique Peruvian twist on sushi, check out Yume Sushi. They offer some interest flavor combinations, along with the crowd favorites. I really enjoyed the namesake Yume roll, as well as the Oba Maki. They also offer fish tacos, gyoza, poke bowls and hot dishes. Price point: ~$15-$20 per person



Splurge, Top Shelf Places to Eat in Lima


Did you know that Lima boasts the #1 restaurant in the world? You are visiting one of the best gastronomical cities in the world, so why not indulge? Here are three of the best (though you can find many more) restaurants in Lima:


Central Restaurant

Named the #1 restaurant in the world by The World’s Best 50 Restaurants, Central is the flagship restaurant of Chef Virgilio Martínez Véliz. Offering three different tasting menus for 1480 PEN per person (wine pairings additional), Central is certainly a splurge by Peruvian standards. But if you are willing to shell out the cash, be sure the make reservations well in advance… and arrive hungry!  I must admit this price point was outside my #adultgapyear backpacker’s budget, but please comment below if you managed to grab a table.



Also, in the top 50 restaurants in the world, Mayta offers an 11-course tasting menu, as well as ala carte options. I managed to get a Sunday lunch reservation and selected from the menu. Literally every starter and main looked amazing, but the scallops with charred peas and ossobuco tallarines were amazing! Be sure to save room for dessert, as the chocolate was to die for! Mayta doubles as a pisco bar, so you can enjoy the national drink with flair.



Another top 10 restaurant in the world, Maido (#6) offers Japanese Peruvian fusion. Chef Mitsuharu ‘Micha’ Tsumura offers a 14-course tasting menu, as well as an ala carte menu, created with seasonal goods and fresh fish. Reservations are required and book out a few months in advance. I wasn’t lucky enough to snag a reservation to this restaurant, but I had friends who raved about the dining experience.

You certainly won’t go hungry while in Lima. After a week in the city, I think I gained 5 pounds from all the delicious meals. These are definitely some of the best places to eat in Lima for any budget. If you need ideas of what to do between the feeding hours, check out a free walking tour with Lima Walking Tour or spend the morning swimming with sea lions at Palomino Island. I couldn’t believe how amazing it was (and how smelly they were)! 😊


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